This is a long distance class conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing, an easy to use platform for your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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This twice-a-month ongoing meditation class will help you check in with yourself and come back to peace. This one-hour session includes a 20 minute meditation, followed by a discussion about the week’s theme and then closes with a  loving-kindness meditation. The discussion period can be a time to have your questions about your meditation practice answered.

Some of the benefits include :

  • Meditation and Mindfulness promotes good health, improving your breathing, heart rate, immune system, blood pressure, pain, and lessening heart and brain problems as well as inflammatory disorders
  • Emotional well being by lessening anxiety, worry, stress, fear, depression, and increasing optimism and relaxation.
  • Increase mental strength, memory retention, focus, better decision making, problem-solving and creative thinking.
  • Prevent emotional eating and smoking
  • Deal effectively with everyday life through mindfulness and/or your spirituality.
  • Open your spiritual life to deeper levels of experience.

There are many pathways to a meditation practice. At times we will look at the idea of how we can apply visualization and at other times mindfulness. Sometimes our meditation experiences will be enhanced with singing bowls used for relaxation. Techniques may include: walking meditation with our portable labyrinth, Chakra meditation, mantra meditation, spiritual meditation, breath-focused meditation, guided meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry and “I Am” meditation, journal meditation, inner vision and more.

Sessions last about 60 minutes

Recommended: Anyone

Dress comfortably.

Taught by Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT

  • $10 per session


November 16 @ 11:00
11:00 am — 12:00 pm (1h)

Zoom Conference Room

C.MI., Deb Phelps, MMT, RYT

Register for ClassRegister for May Series: $30