Mindfulness in Everyday Life Series

Does this sound like you? You walk around with so many thoughts swirling around in your head at any given moment in time that you can feel as if you are unfocused, in a fog, overwhelmed and your mind never has a chance to truly rest.

If so, Mindfulness will help to unclutter and clear your mind, calm your brain and allow it to settle down for a spell.

The purpose of this class is to help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life. In our weekly sessions, we will incorporate mindfulness basics, practices and short exercises aligned with a monthly topic representing various areas of our lives. Mindfulness is something that you can start at any time, it is just a matter of finding time or making sure that you consciously think about incorporating it into your daily routine.

Each month we will review basics so new students to the class can start their practice and returning students can continue to build their practice. We will practice mindfulness, use exercises and sometimes readings that supplement what we are learning together. Included in the series is one mentor session with Deb.

  • Series 1: Basics of Mindfulness – We will look at basic mindfulness practices including body scan, mindful breathing, loving-kindness, and other practices.
  • Series 2: Stress Detox – We will look at practices and exercises that will assist us in releasing stress and anxiety as well as emotional awareness.

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