Peace Pilgrim, Inner Peace Breath, and Loving Kindness Meditations


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From a live session of the Peace Meditation Circle

To start our session, I read some excerpts from Peace Pilgrim as our Inspiration. The first meditation was a concentration or focus on the breath, with a short body scan at the start. We are using the words Inner Peace. “Inner” on the inhale and “Peace” on the exhale. During the practice, I briefly at times would prompt you away from your mind-wandering and back to your focus  As you will learn, Peace Pilgrim stated that the way to peace in the world is through inner peace. This is why I chose this focus today.

Our second meditation after a short break was Loving-Kindness where we begin offering compassion to ourselves, and then outward to a loved one, a neutral person, someone we may dislike, and then finally to all beings.